I Remember For Someone Who Has Forgotten

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IMG_3861A daughter’s story – facing my mother’s dementiaA fear of Getting Old Where have the past 44 years gone? Honestly….. It seemed like only yesterday that I was nine and enjoying all the fruits of my parent’s hard work, dedication and family-ness. I’d cruise the streets of my smallish country town on my canary yellow BMX bike lovingly welded together by my handyman father in readiness for my weekend adventures. Life seemed pretty hassle free, thanks to the safe, secure environment that I was raised. It really couldn’t have been more perfect, especially during the holidays when we’d visit my grandparents who lived in a pretty amazing location, Byron Bay. I remember early morning breakfasts with my grand-dad consisting of fruit loops and honey on toast. I’d have the fruit loops and he’d have his usual habitual honey on toast. He was quite a bit older than my grandma…

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